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GE:SKENK is a Level 4 company.

We are verified as being fully compliant with the requirements of the amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and the relevant criteria therein for the recognition of ESD and SED contributions. Through our work and our engagement with our supply chain, we enable our clients to qualify for points on their B-BBEE scorecards in the following areas:

  • Enterprise and Supplier Development: Monetary (actual) or non-monetary (i.e. time or assets), recoverable or non-recoverable contributions initiated and implemented in favour of ED beneficiaries – with the specific objective of accelerating the development, sustainability, and ultimate financial and operational independence of that beneficiary.
  • Socio Economic Development: Monetary and non-monetary contributions initiated and implemented in favour of beneficiaries – with the specific objective of facilitating income generating activities for targeted beneficiaries.

The amended B-BBEE Codes recognise payments made to a qualifying third party to perform Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Socio-economic Development on behalf of the client; therefore the value of the transactions may be claimed by the client as Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions.

We that all our clients have all necessary documentation required for a problem-free B-BBEE audit, by obtaining all the necessary information and certification documents from our partners upfront.

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