3 Gifting tips to help you touch more hearts this gifting season!

Yep, it’s that time again, and many of you may already be trading your laptops for beachwear
and catching up
with loved ones you don’t often get a chance to see. If this has been
your standard
ritual for years, then you’re not alone.

The truth is, there’s never been a better time to become more consciously present. And…
it just so happens that we’re about to enter the crazy festive period usually packed with
fun experiences worthy of our full attention.

One of those experiences is gifting. We know how the happy centre of our brain
tingles & lights up like a Christmas tree when we get something special or witness
the smiles of loved ones as they unwrap gifts from us. This experience may be the
best this time of the year has to offer, and yet we may only have scratched the
surface when it comes to gifting creatively and with purpose.

So how can we make this show of appreciation even more powerful?  Well, getting
more conscious about it is an excellent start!

Here are some ideas to help you
stoke that thinking...

1.       Reach in deep and make a heart connection

Nothing makes a statement like a gift that reflects a deep understanding of another’s
heart or character, especially if the individual’s attributes are less obvious. Making
the effort to learn about what’s important to the recipient is a genuine expression
of love, that far outweighs the gift’s monetary value.

What matters to those you care about? Is it the environment, or a social issue? You may
be able to source a gift that contributes positively to the challenges faced in these areas.

The real joy stems from the work that’s been put into creating a deep and
meaningful experience, so get creative and have fun with it.

We love this image from Sílvia Bastos

2.      Make positive social and environmental moves

Some traditional gifting options may come from production lines that negatively impact individuals, cultures, or the environment. 

By donning your Sherlock hat and researching where you’re buying from and how the
product is made, you may
feel the need to change your gifting strategy to one that
does more to
nurture positive human & environmental experiences.

(We are inspired by this wonderful initiative, promoting inquiry around who made
your products www.fashionrevolution.org)

3.     Show small businesses some love

When you buy gifts from small businesses, you not only positively impact the gift
recipient, but you also help grow and sustain the livelihoods of entrepreneurs
who truly need the boost. 

Small businesses that are embedded in struggling communities often play a vital role
in positively changing the reality for so many around them. Essentially, you’re
supporting a micro-economy and potentially enhancing the future of the next generation.

So how can we put these ideas into action? 

You’re not short on options if you truly want to make an impact with your gifting,
especially at this time of the year. Whether you’re in the hot, sunny embrace of the
Cape or abroad in London’s classic winter chill, you’re sure to find a host of
markets and small independent stores offering a far less insane shopping
experience than the usual “packed to the brim” retail outlets and malls.

But if getting out to physically explore the world of conscious, sustainable, or local
gifting or seeking out less commercial brands is just not possible for you this holiday
season and you really want to make a positive social impact, then we’ve got your back!

At Geskenk, we’ve really made it our mission to identify and work with small
businesses and suppliers that play critical support roles in their communities.
We’ve sought to empower them by showing the world the amazing products that
are made by these champions. 

We’re also here to help you gift in a way that truly touches the hearts of those you
care about and offers a meaningful contribution to a cause at the same time. 

So, hey…. you and I? We’d make an untouchable gifting team! 

Together, let’s put conscious thought back into year-end gifting, and let’s inspire hope! 

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