Conscious gifting will leave a lasting and positive brand presence long after your present has been opened

The pressure of finding that perfect year end gift for both clients and staff can be overwhelming… You want to make sure they love the gift, that the gift is remembered, that they will use the gift (and that it doesn’t end up in a landfill) and that they won’t get the same gift from another brand… it really does become the proverbial mountain out of a molehill. 

Let’s face it, corporate gifting options have really become a stock standard pick and choose from an array of available catalogues. All these gifts are imported from far and wide and give back in no way to the South Africa economy, never mind to our budding entrepreneurs in small enterprises. Yes, the gifts are lovely, but are they memorable? Do they create a real connection between the heads and hearts of those that you are giving them to?  Is the recipient going to know who they received the gift from in 6 months’ time?

The purpose of your yearend gifting is to thank clients and staff for their valuable contributions over the past year, but it is also to keep you top of mind, and while there is merit in giving premium gifts, we truly believe that when you give a gift with purpose, the connection built between your audience and your brand is firmly entrenched in both heads and hearts of the audience.

Have you ever taken the time to think about how investing in a conscious gift will leave a lasting presence once your present has been opened, creating a ripple effect of results that spreads to all involved? Conscious gifting simply means that instead of picking up an international catalogue, you explore the amazing resources available right here in our very backyard, the very best of home grown South African arts and crafts. The untapped resources within our country are curated and developed when investments are made, allowing the gifts to become quality pieces that will not only outshine anything that can be found in an international catalogue, but that will also be unique and memorable. Another aspect to conscious gifting is choosing gifts that are environmentally conscious, that do not impact Mother earth in any way.


The term conscious gifting is relatively new in South Africa but is something that has been adopted across many countries globally due to the tangible difference that can be made from it. It really is a “buy once, give twice” mentality, as not only is your recipient receiving something unique and beautiful, but the crafters who created it are given a life changing opportunity to become self-sustainable, to generate an income for their families and to feel that they are important contributors to society.

So, with the above in mind, the time truly is now to start on your journey to align your brand with Conscious procurement! It’s a case of simply shifting focus to the mission behind each product, taking the time to see who created it and to give with intention as well as with your heart. (And contribute to the social and financial growth of our country?)

Luckily for all of us we live in a country that is overflowing with talent, from sewing to ceramics, to woodwork to painting, we are presented with an array of options that are so lovely and unique, receiving something conscious is like receiving a small work of art, straight from the heart, that will connect with the heart.

Our Conscious Festive Season Catalogue is overflowing with stunning gift ideas for all types of clients and all types of budgets. Click here to have a look at what we can do for your yearend gifting needs!

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