Gifting in a whole new world.

Human connection is more important than ever before with entire workforces, meetings and events moving almost entirely online.

Navigating the new #wfh, zoom filled virtual world with our clients have been so challenging, but also so incredibly rewarding! Being part of a solution that addresses this disconnect, the isolation and fatigue has been nothing short of inspirational and life-changing for us! We have been able to witness, first-hand, how great organisational leadership empathetically embraced the change and stepped up to the challenge to find innovative ways through gifting to re-connect human hearts and minds.  

Heart-led businesses who care about their clients and employees are constantly thinking of ways to retain and show appreciation for the time/support given to their companies. Now more than ever, we need to think of diverse ways to show appreciation and to build up morale. If it’s possible, let’s not allow the pandemic to delay any team building or client gifting opportunities, but rather think of ways to adapt and think of how to set ourselves apart.   

 Virtual Gifting – Lets set the scenario: 

You’re sitting at home, working hard, missing team interactions and that change of scenery that being in the office provides. Or perhaps you’re feeling a little unsure of how productive you’re being as you don’t have your teammates around you to celebrate big or small wins with? Things might be bit quiet, or they could be a little loud. Either way, you would love a break from the routine of working from home. Then the doorbell rings. It’s a courier who tells you he/she has a gift just for you. Who could it be from? What could it be? You open it up quickly and there’s a note explaining the purpose behind the gift, and that this is a gift that keeps on giving back to the community. Elated, you open it to find that it’s a gift box full of your favourite things and immediately feel appreciated and motivated to keep going!

Geskenk - virtual corporate gifting solutions

This is one of the many gifting solutions we have to adapt to the current situation we find ourselves in – being creative and thinking outside of the box is crucial at times like these!

Virtual Team Building – DIY Gifting

Another concept that is hugely popular is “Virtual DIY Gifting”. What we have found is that this concept greatly improves employee satisfaction, builds better communication between team members and increases retention rates. A few ideas of what this DIY box could include are things such as food/snack items for team blind tastings, how to make a dreamcatcher, a puzzle (putting it together will be timed, of course, who doesn’t love a bit of competition?), party gifts for a team building event, or other – the list is endless! We can help you source and deliver the perfect gifting experience to your team members.

Geskenk - Corporate giftingDIY Gifting Ideas 

Client Gifting  

Surprising clients or employees with gifts is always a good idea – especially when they least expect it! We know how it feels to have kiddies running around, dogs barking and little to no time to think about what to make for supper, because the only thing on your mind is how to get out of the house! If there is a gift that could make just one day a little less stressful or claustrophobic, improve your clients/employees overall #wfh environment, or make them smile, we are here to help you find out what it is. A memory lasts forever which is why gifting is so much more than just a show of appreciation – it should be an unforgettable experience.  

We live for conceptualising a unique gifting experience with purpose driven brands – creating unboxing experiences that will last far beyond that moment. Too many ideas, but no time? We know – that’s why we created a gifting concierge form, to help make life just a little bit easier for you! 

Please see our concierge form to get the process started HERE or get in touch with us via email on: We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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