Gifting Occasions.


We provide Ethical, responsible and innovative gifting solutions. Gifts that are custom made to address your objectives meet your procurement standards. Gifts that align your social investment objectives with your company values. How do we do this? By working hand in hand with: Disadvantaged local communities, Not for profit companies, Non-governmental organisations, Non-profit organisations. Our unique approach to corporate gifting allows us to meet a diverse range of gifting needs. Of the countless gifting opportunities we would be delighted to assist you with, here are but a few.

Special Cause

Days of significance, including public holidays and awareness days, such as Women’s Day, World Cancer Day, Mo’vember, etc.

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Events & Conferences

From thank-you gifts to desk drop teasers to boost attendance rates – we’ve done it all. Let us help you with invites, RSVPs, and table gifts to promote brand awareness and engagement with internal and external clients.

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Promotional Activities

Building brand and business awareness, and (driving) drive sales with promotional gifting, in-store, event-based and (on-street) outdoor brand activations, etc.

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Celebratory Events

Business announcements, anniversaries, birthdays and more. We can tailor gifts for any type of occasion or theme.

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Awards & Incentives

Inspiring individuals and teams to boost sales performance, acknowledging positive results, commending long service and rewarding excellence.

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Acknowledging and appreciating (customers) clients, partners, suppliers and staff through memorable gestures.

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Workshops & Training

Human resources, on-board and induction programmes, training and workshop engagement, skills development etc.

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Relationship Building

Retaining contact and fostering meaningful relationships with clients, customers, suppliers, staff etc.

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Special announcements, creating enthusiasm for projects and initiatives, inspiring productivity in the workforce, teambuilding etc.

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