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How Do We Do What We Do?

The simple beauty of our business is that each gift is custom-made with your brand and objectives in mind. With the combined experience of strategic brand marketing and communication spanning decades, our team conceptualises, sources, creates, communicates and delivers.

The Process


We get to know YOUR brand intimately, gaining a solid insight into:

  • Addressing the brand’s specific messaging needs
  • Driving the desired outcome of the corporate gifting occasion
  • Your B-BBEE scorecard objectives
  • CSI initiatives currently supported by your brand
  • Specific CSI focus areas or programmes your brand wishes to support

We then conceptualise and present various gift options, keeping in mind:

  • Your budget requirements
  • The message you wish to convey

CSI initiatives you wish to support and that are in-line with your business objectives and beliefs



Together, we select a relevant South African initiative best suited to the creation of your gift and social development investment

  • Talented craftsmen and administrators create, personalise and package your gift
  • Non-government Organisations (NGO’s) , non-profit Organisations (NPO’s) , not-for-profit Companies (NPCs) and For-Profit Organisations form at least one part of the supply chain – manufacturing, packaging or distribution
  • Our effective GE:SKENK team manages the entire process diligently – from start to finish


  • Each gift is adorned or inscribed with a meaningful brand message, as well as relevant information regarding the supported initiative
  • We ensure that, through effective and relevant communication, the impact of the gift lives on far beyond the immediate gift giving experience


We’re a group of people who, on a personal level, feel a great desire to apply our skills, expertise and time in a way that results in the greater good of all. We realise it may not be possible to change the world, but we’d like to do what we can to change the world of as many people as possible, as much as possible.