Insight BHF Conference Gifts

Insight Actuaries & Consultants, a long term client of ours, approached us recently to supply them with unique gifts for a conference they were hosting. This got us to put our collective thinking cap on to come up with something not only beautiful, but also relevant to the vision of Insight as a company.

How we came up with the gift idea

After an internal brainstorm and some collaboration with our client, we realised that we needed a gift that represented the unique thinking of Insight Actuaries – sound risk management, with innovative and superior long term strategies – whilst still maintaining the essence of our Ge:Skenk philosophy – to pay it forward.   Many ideas were tossed around but finally we settled on the ultimate strategic game of risk, Backgammon. But how to make it uniquely South African? That’s where our superior sourcing skills came in.

Finding the perfect supplier

After extensive research into South African non profit organisations, we came across a project we thought would be the perfect partner for our gifting solution.

The Imbali Visual Literacy Project was created as a project of Women For Peace in 1988 in an attempt to address the poor perceptual skills of children who have no access to art at school.

Since its inception Imbali has in addition responded directly to another issue in the country – the urgent need to confront poverty, and has therefore developed its mission and extended its scope of activity towards creative skills-development and training, in specific income-generating activities such as craft and design.

Once we met with the organisation, we knew that they were going to be the perfect supplier for our bespoke Backgammon sets. The organisation is jam packed with wonderfully creative and talented crafters, who were just bursting at the seams to take on a challenging new project. Together with our team they came up with a solution to create hand sown backgammon boards that can be rolled up and carried with the recipient’s wherever they go. Strategy on the move, we like to call it.

The gifts were gorgeous, the client was thrilled and best of all we got to do what we love best – Create a gift that keep on giving.

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