Love For Our Suppliers

We say it’s handcrafted, but really, it comes from the heart.

Together with our suppliers, we help to support our surrounding communities. As business owners in South Africa, we have a responsibility to uplift our incredibly talented workforce, right here on our doorstep.

Each crafter, supplier and/or NGO we work with, is aligned to our philosophy and purpose which is, in summary, to create a meaningful and sustainable way of business. We want to assist local SME’s and social enterprises to unlock their potential and provide a platform and network to empower them to support their families. We absolutely love what we do, and we love who we do it with!

Our suppliers are equally amazing and we could go into great detail about all of them. We have selected three to tell you about in this blog.

What we love about: H18

Since inception in 2016, H18 has upskilled and empowered more than 180 women by teaching them how to make gorgeous hand-crafted products. The more support H18 receives, the more women they can train and empower. We love their cotton crochet baskets, which are not only gorgeous to look at, but are the perfect size for all of your little goodies. Whether it be your electronics, bathroom accessories or jewellery – you can use this crochet basket for just about anything!

Geskenk - gift baskets

Gift Boxes: Wild & Wonderful, Mallow (MOM)ment, Luxe Bathroom Set, Behold, and more!

What we love about: Sexy Socks

Sexy Socks not only donates a pair of school socks for every pair of Sexy Socks sold, but they also take the opportunity to use their sock drops at schools to teach students about social entrepreneurship. We resonate with this school of thought: that there is opportunity everywhere, you just have to see it and constantly ask the question: “What more we can do?”

Geskenk - Sexy Socks Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes: Spice Up His Life, A Man Out Moment, Mantastic, Adventure is Calling, and more!

What we love about: Rare Bear Project

This wonderful project has seen over 60 woman up-skilled in the art of crocheting, and provided them with a sustainable, income generating opportunity by making #RareBears which in turn are either donated to a patient, or sold to the public.

This project addresses two needs:

1) It creates a “community of love” for Rare Diseases SA patients whereby #RareBears are donated to a rare disease patient via the #Care4Rare programme.

2) Empowers the ladies of Kya Sands and provides them with a skill that enables them to provide for their families.

These bears are available for your little ones to cuddle at night!

Geskenk - Rare Bear Project

Gift Boxes: Oh Baby Baby, Magical Moments, The Snuggle is Real, and more!

What we love about: Mark from Tree of Life

Mark’s qualities as a leader have inspired us. We will be working closely with Mark to bring you beautiful handcrafted gifts. Our beliefs are totally aligned – that every person has the potential to be brilliant, they just need a helping hand and the platform to do so.

Mark has coached various sport’s teams, built sound studios to help young bands lay down sample tracks, taught people to build their own websites and has run physical programmes for special needs children. Mark and his team have now expanded their small workshop capacity to teach young men how to work with scrap wood.

Everything Mark does is underpinned with LOVE. Love for humanity and always, without fail, seeing the potential in every human being and then taking the time to find that spark of connection to nurture an often complex and damaged young person to believe in themselves and their future. He runs numerous youth developmental programmes – some are faith-based programmes and others include sporting activities to create positive change.

Geskenk - Woodwork by Mark
Amazing woodwork by Mark and his team

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