Love is in the air! The good feels are contagious with our New Conscious Boxes.

It was like our fate was written in the stars because Bloomable was looking to expand their gifting range with a partner that had the same values and ethos as them and we were looking for the perfect partner to carry our brand new range of gorgeous Conscious Boxes. Cupid shot a few arrows and the rest is true love history.

Conscious Boxes?

Let’s start at the beginning. At Ge-Skenk we not only love all things local, but we are also passionate about giving local crafters and artisans the opportunities needed to create a sustainable business that will support them and their families moving forward – all facets of conscious gifting. We truly recognise and support the fact that we have so much untapped talent right here on our very own soil, that the idea of plastic hearts, imported teddies and the usual Valentine’s gifties that get a one-way ticket to the dustbin on the 15th of February makes our hearts ache.

This year we wanted to create a range of hampers that embody the emotion associated with Valentines Day, are stylish and sexy, but most importantly are full of goodies that are homegrown, home crafted and home sourced. It really was a labour of love and after many months of sweat and tears, we developed a range of six stunning Conscious Boxes, guaranteed to bring out the feels for anyone lucky enough to receive one as a token of love. But how to get them out there? How to get them promoted in a place that echoes the very idea of why they were created in the first place?

Hello Bloomable! Bloomable (formerly known as SA Florist) supports nearly 200 local businesses throughout South Africa through its online marketplace. And guess what? They were also looking for love… well, they were looking to expand their gifting range to include more local suppliers for Valentine’s Day, but we are romantics and this is our love story so let’s just say they were looking for love ?. We were available with an unforgettable product range, they were available with the perfect portal and it was love at first sight.

Each Bloomable Conscious Box was lovingly curated by us to support job creation, empower individuals and ensure a sustainable future for the local entrepreneurs who created it – but they were also completely stunning and filled with spoils to delight the recipient. Conscious Boxes are the first step in a new direction for Ge-Skenk on a journey to showing the South African consumer that yes, local is lekker, but it’s also SO much more.

Local is providing jobs, enabling steady and sustainable incomes, giving back to the South African economy and the opportunity for communities to flourish – if that’s not lekker then we don’t know what is! We are so happy to have Bloomable holding our hand as we embark on this journey that we are literally skipping. Valentine’s Day was just the start of the Bloomable and Ge-Skenk romance, and with some stunning ideas in tow for our Conscious Box range, we are certain that this relationship is built to last, in fact, you could really say that we are going steady!

Conscious Boxes for any occasion are available on the Bloomable website, and we have plans to expand our range during the course of 2019. Creating truly conscious gifting options for the South African market gets us seriously hot under the collar because we know that our customers are looking for something more, something that will make a tangible difference to those who created it, something that truly resonates with the person receiving it. Something FULL of heart!

We guess the only thing left to say is Ge-Skenk and Bloomable sitting in a tree… (you know the rest ?).
Read all about our partnership on bizcommunity and visit to get an eye-full of our range.

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