Mind your health!

3 easy, supportive behaviours to show someone (or yourself!), you genuinely care.

It’s time that mental health became less about “That person needs help”, to more about “What can we do to help?”. In order to flourish, we need to take our own mental wellness into consideration as well as the health of those around us, whether it be in a workplace, family or friendship group environment – the closest people to us play such a vital part in our overall wellbeing.

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Acknowledgment & Genuine Appreciation 

A balance between time OFF and time ON in a Corporate Environment

A simple “Hey, you deserve the day off” or “Wow, you’ve been working incredibly hard lately, please go grab yourself a coffee on us” is the simplest way of saying “I see you. I am grateful for what you do. I notice it. I notice you. I consider you valuable.” This goes a long way when it comes to a work environment that is often fast-paced and high-stress. If employees know that you really care about their well-being, respect their boundaries and invest in their overall mental wellness – it will contribute to a more positive outlook in the workplace and increased productivity.

Send that message!

You never know what’s going on in people lives (oh and Instagram stories don’t count – more often than not, people hide their real struggles behind a thread of happy Instagram stories – never assume anything!). Popping someone a message to say “I’m thinking of you, or meet me for coffee” could change their entire day or week around! 

GeSkenk - Mental Wellness Reading

Mindful Hydration

Remember to hydrate at work & at home

In the rush of life, we often forget to hydrate! Hydration is key to refuelling the body, and the mind in the process, resulting in a reduction in stress and increase in productivity. We are creatures of habit so if you are yet to build your hydration habit, start today! Allow your mind to rest and enjoy the pause that taking a small, yet regular, sip of water or tea gives you. Perhaps you could start your own mindful tea, coffee or water ritual that gives you joy and ensures a breakaway from a laptop or cell phone? Being in tune with what your body needs, instead of the constant picking up of your phone motion, will give you the freedom of feeling healthy, and more connected to yourself and your surroundings.

GeSkenk - Mental Wellness Reading

The Joy of Giving

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill 

It has been proven that giving to others can improve your sense of self-worth, and give you a more positive outlook on oneself and others. Ways in which you can give as a team, or in your personal capacity, includes giving back to your local community by offering your time and knowledge, gifting an organisation close to your heart with resources they need,and/or making a concerted effort to support local (this you can do every day). We have massive purchasing power, use it wisely and with good intentions! 

Corporate giving provides employees with an opportunity to champion a cause for positive change and give back to their communities. This opportunity is what makes employees proud to represent an organisation that gives, fostering long-term loyalty. 

We at Geskenk, are so passionate about giving, that we created a marketplace solely for products that are handmade by local communities right here in South Africa, and we love every minute of it. Nothing feels as good as giving back! We challenge you to try it. Gifting comes in all forms, whether it be allowing someone a day off or giving back to the local community. It’s important to be mindful and caring – of yourself and of others. When you get close to that burnt out feeling we have all felt before, we hope that you find your way back to this blog to remind you of the daily practices you can do to feed your mind. 

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