Move The Way Love Makes You Move

In 2023, Move The Way Love Makes You Move

As we look out across the landscape of a brand-new year, it’s easy to feel anxious at the many challenges facing us as South Africans. But what we’ll also see if we look carefully enough are the abundant opportunities ahead to consciously contribute towards positive social change.

Osho so profoundly stated, “Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move” … And we can’t stop thinking about that as the most rewarding way to live life and empower others.

A quick reality check…

South Africa, like many other countries, is affected by complex and deeply rooted social ills that impact the poorest, creating large swathes of impoverished populations. The statistics are daunting, and if you were to dig in a little deeper, you’d surely develop a very heavy heart.

Let’s take a look at the big picture….

As humans, we’re programmed to fixate on threats and fear. This makes it so much harder to see the solutions, the champions, the helpers, and the opportunities through the fearful haze of difficult times. This doesn’t mean we’re short on the good that life has to offer.

The heroes are out there in full force

At Geskenk, we’re fortunate enough to see the positive work that’s getting done in the face of adversity. Because of this, we came out of 2022 not heavy-hearted but madly inspired by those who’d taken on the role of helper.

These are just some of the giants that seriously impressed us in the last year…

Putting the planet first

In 2022, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard handed over his global outdoor clothing brand to a trust designed to push all the company’s profit into saving the life of our planet. “All profits, in perpetuity, will go to our mission to save our home planet,” the company announced as they stepped up their commitments to fighting the climate crisis.

A man on a mission

Last year, our very own South African hero, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of Gift of the Givers, continued to improve the lives of struggling human beings all over the world, making a HUGE impact at every turn and ensuring communities that may otherwise have collapsed, got access to food, water, and medical care.

Setting a powerful example

The Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup brought goals, drama, tears, and cheers, but we were most in awe of the Japanese and their culture of tidiness. Players and supporters made a strong statement by leaving the stadiums and dressing rooms spotless after attending matches, which encouraged many others to clean up after themselves too.

But we were most impressed by YOU…

Journey with us this year

In countries where social ills have dramatically undermined the population’s living experience, business support is essential to turning things around.

In 2023, we’re focusing on delivering a service that’s inspired by compassion, so we’d love nothing more than to partner with you to develop socially conscious gifting strategies that wow your teams, partners, and clients.

For every event and celebration coming up this year, our partnership will support small businesses and build strong communities in the process, so we’ve got a chance to make a real difference.

This is us moving the way love makes you move, let’s walk the walk together in 2023.

Learn exactly how our collaborations work…

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