Our Process.


1. Ideas

We get to know YOUR brand intimately, gaining a solid insight into:

  • Addressing the brand’s specific messaging needs
  • Driving the desired outcome of the corporate gifting occasion
  • Your B-BBEE scorecard objectives
  • Specific CSI focus areas or programmes your brand wishes to support

We then conceptualise and present various gift options, keeping in mind:

  • Your budget requirements
  • The message you wish to convey

2. Sourcing

Together, we select a relevant South African initiative best suited to the curation or creation of your gift.

  • Talented craftsmen and administrators create, personalise and package your gift Non-government Organisations (NGO’s) , non-profit Organisations (NPO’s) , not-for-profit Companies (NPCs) and For-Profit Organisations form at least one part of the supply chain manufacturing, packaging or distribution.
  • Our passionate and professional GE:SKENK team manages the entire process diligently from start to finish.

3. Communication

  • Each gift is adorned or inscribed with a meaningful brand message, as well as relevant information regarding the supported initiative.
  • We ensure that, through effective and relevant communication, the impact of the gift lives on far beyond the immediate gift giving experience.