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Hospice Wits Annual Fashion Show

Hospice Wits hosts an annual fashion show, with all proceeds channelled back in to the charity. So, we approached Hospice Wits, offering them free, funky gifts and an accompanying social media campaign, all with the aim of building positive awareness for their brand!

Considering the nature of the event, we thought we’d source, brand and package an exquisite accessory for each attendee – a temporary mock-jewellery tattoo! The beautifully branded tattoo prompted the VIPs to take a selfie with their shiny, new accessory and to post it to their Instagram page with a #HospiceWits hashtag, thus creating awareness for the brand in influential circles.

The gifts were assembled and packaged by our brilliant finishing team based in Soweto.

If you would like to make a difference in the world whilst giving a beautiful gift email us on for more information on how!

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