Sustainable, corporate gifting in South Africa to celebrate a festive year-end.

It’s time to re-think your social responsibility practices at every touchpoint. Here are four gifting ideas to give more sustainably, and with purpose.

We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn?”

1. Reusable Copper Water Bottles

DID YOU KNOW that copper destroys bacteria and viruses, is loaded with antioxidants, alkalises the water, balances pH levels in your body, is anti-inflammatory, and aids in the absorption of iron? We know what you’re thinking…“Why haven’t I been drinking out of copper bottles?
The benefits are cray.” It’s never too late to start today!

How this gift shows love for the environment: No plastic means a happier planet! The copper water bottle has been sourced from an initiative that promotes respect for Mother Nature by eliminating the need for single-use plastics. Environmentally, copper is one of the friendliest metals around. Copper is an earth-friendly material and can be recycled over and over again!

GeSkenk - Conscious, sustainable corporate gifting

2. Reusable Coffee Mugs and Botanical Fabrics

DID YOU KNOW that by drinking out of a reusable coffee mug everyday (or if you’re as obsessed with coffee as us, four times a day), you’ll produce no single-use waste from drinking coffee? We are always looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives, and you can do so, in everything you do, you just have to do it.

GeSkenk - Corporate Conscious Gifting Ideas

How this gift shows love for the community AND the environment:
A love Supreme botanical fabric products support’s seamstresses and local business, choosing to keep all manufacturing in SA. They are passionate about job creation and building into the community around them. The coffee flask (pictured on the left) is the ultimate eco-friendly liquid tumbler, 

3. Eco-straw & Conscious Living Tote

DID YOU KNOW that if you invest in a quality reusable straw (like the gorgeous one below), it lasts for at least five years? That’s a replacement of almost 2,000 single-use plastic straws, potentially from you alone! Both materials are actually not biodegradable, but once properly disposed of, they are 100% recyclable.

GeSkenk - Sustainable Corporate Gifting

How this gift shows love for the community AND the environment:
The 100% Cotton Crochet Tote Bag has been hand made by a non-profit organisation teaching vital skills to domestic violence victims to help break the cycle of abuse and build a brighter future. The Reusable Straw Set has been sourced from an initiative that promotes respect for Mother Nature by eliminating the need for single-use plastics.

Consciously-Made Ceramic Dishes & Wooden Prayer Beads

DID YOU KNOW that ceramics are an environmentally-friendly material? They are made using basic elements, such as earth or clay, water and fire, and are 100% recyclable and reusable. It is a material that can last for a very long time, since it is resistant to many external elements, and even adverse weather conditions. This is the ultimate conscious gift for self-love and inner-peace complete with beautiful wooden prayer beads, imperfectly hand-moulded flower of life trinket bowl and incense holder.

GeSkenk - Sustainable Gifting South Africa

How this gift shows love for the community AND the environment:
The ceramic content of this gift box is proudly made in Cape Town, South Africa. The initiative supports keen crafters in their local community through their innovative earn while you learn programme. Our beautiful wooden prayer beads support a small creative enterprise in Cape Town, South Africa.

What Sustainability Means To Us

At GeSkenk, we are passionate about sustainability. Not only do we believe in taking care of the environment in any way we can, but we also believe that the meaning of sustainability is multi-faceted – we need to ensure that we are being sustainable consumers too! We can do this by asking ourselves this, with everything we purchase we make; “Where does this come from, who does it benefit and how does it support the economy in the place where we live?” The ripple effect of how we shop, and consciously knowing who this benefits, is MASSIVE.

Just by supporting a local community member, initiative or business, this has a knock on effect on the local economy, and families in the community; their education, what and how often people eat, and something we don’t consider often enough, is the element of hope. Giving the community members hope that from generation-to-generation, things will be different, and that there is hope to be who you want to be and do what you want to do…because the community is continuously being supported in a sustainable way. 

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