Made for Mothers, by Mothers. Conscious gifting to show your mother that you don’t just appreciate her, but all mothers.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”
— Gaspard Mermillod.


With Mother’s Day around the corner, we asked ourselves what it means to be a ‘mother’.  A mother is a nurturing being with an exceptional superpower: bringing life into our world! However, you don’t need to have given birth to become a mother, and mothers don’t only have one superpower (that’s for sure!). We are in awe of those who fulfil the motherly role to many. Whether it be in the NGO space, teaching, coaching or caregiving – showing love in its purest form to those in need of nurturing, advice or care, is an act of mothering, or fathering for that matter! There’s a reason why the most supportive and natural phenomenon is called “Mother Nature” – she provides for us in many ways.

This brings us to why we believe in the importance of Mother’s Day. Life is terribly chaotic with so many distractions – distractions that often hamper our ability to stop and think about random acts of kindness. Mother’s Day is a very important reminder to spoil our mothers or our motherly figures, and to show them our appreciation for their unconditional love.

Supporting women in our surrounding communities is something that we pride ourselves in at GE-SKENK, which is why it’s so important that the gifts we choose to share with you today speak volumes about what this occasion means – supporting each other and showing appreciation.

Spa Lover                                                                                         A Botanical Feast

GE-SKENK - Mother's Day gifting

Showering Love                                                                              Java Joy

Blushing Botanics                                                                         Live Wild & Free

GE - SKENK - Mother's Day gift boxes in South Africa

To all of the mothers out there, we praise you. We hope you are overwhelmed with love this Mother’s Day and receive the spoiling that you all so deserve.

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